DIY Wooden Block Desk Lamp

DIY Wooden Block Desk Lamp

looking to step up your DIY skills? This easy present day desk lamp requires a few fundamental electrical talents that even a beginner DIYer can do. This lamp isperfect for a table, workspace, nightstand or facet desk. Small and compact yet particular. customize this assignment by the use of a block length that suits the needs of your area. study on for the way to create your very own!

1. start via laying out the design of your lamp. make sure that your wooden block is reduce all the way down to length and place a mark within the approximate region wherein you need your mild socket.

2. the use of the forstner drill bit, drill a big hole at your mark. Depress the bit about 1/2 way to a few/4s of the manner into the block.

three.flip the block onto it’s aspect and use a small drill bit to drill a small hole from the facet down into the center of the block in which your big hollow is. making a small hollow first takes less pressure and is extra correct than the usage of the massive drill bit right of the bat.

4. Repeat step three using a larger drill bit (making the hole bit enough to skip your twine thru).

5. Feed your lamp cord up via the holes inside the block in order that the twine enters the back and feeds out the top of the block.

6. attach your lamp wire to the lamp socket the usage of a screw motive force to loosening the screws on the lowest of the socket and wrapping the wire from each aspect to every character screw. Use your screw driver to tighten the screws once more to maintain the wires in region. ensure that the wires are not touching every different!

7. placed the socket lower back over the hollow andhold in place.

eight. the usage of the small drill bit, pre-drill a hole on every side of the socket where there is a spot to screw it in region.

nine. Screw to your screws to secure the socket at the block.

10. finally, area a bulb in your socket and plug your twine in to show on your light! A simple clear bulb or Edison fashion bulb finishes off the project well!

if you want to get fancy you may the use of a light cord with a transfer built into the cord so that you don’t should plug and unplug your lamp every time you use it.

vicinity your new lamp for your desk and get working!

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