HOWTO: PS3 Media Server on Ubuntu 9 10 karmic koala

HOWTO: PS3 Media Server on Ubuntu 9 10 karmic koala

After doing a piece of digging i used to be capable of get PS3 Media Server going for walks on Ubuntu nine.10 64bit, with the capability to play hd x264 mkv files. I concept I'd submit what steps (I remember) I took, and hopefully this allows others in a comparable scenario. I assume these steps ought to work on a 32bit install, however i'm able to't affirm that.observe that this labored for me, however i will't guarantee that it won't absolutely spoil your pc, so use at your personal risk.At a excessive degree, here are the stairs that I took:1. Prerequisites2. set up mplayer, mencoder, ffmpeg3. assemble the latest mplayer with the restore stated in this submit: viewtopic.php?f=three&t=42244. bring together the trendy SVN of ps3 media server.five. Optionally, make PS3 Media Server start each time I log inAnd now for the nitty gritty info:1. PrerequisitesMake positive that the ubuntu limited extras package is hooked up. From a terminal window, run

This bundle is needed to add our compiled version of mplayer to our ubuntu package deal repository once we collect it.subsequent, we want to put in ant, in order that we can compile PS3 Media Server.

2. deploy mplayer, mencoder, ffmpegIf you had a study the readme for PS3 Media Server, you'll see that it doesn't encompass those in the Linux version, and they need to be installed seperately.Open up a terminal window and run the following:

observe that whilst we're compiling mplayer in the subsequent step, we're nevertheless putting in mplayer right here first. we're doing this due to the fact this may install various other mplayer applications, like mplayer-fonts, that the compiler may additionally require within the subsequent step.3. collect the today's mplayer with the repair stated on this submit: viewtopic.Hypertext Preprocessor?f=three&t=4224This code is taken at once from this discussion board posting. inside the equal terminal window, run these seperate strains of code one after the other:

four. compile the cutting-edge SVN of ps3 media serverI attempted with the contemporary solid launch and MKV documents were nonetheless very uneven. After following those steps, it regarded to resolve the problem.First down load JDK 6 from solar. We need this to assemble PS3 Media Server. visit Google JDK 6, and snatch the modern day JDK from solar. As of this writing it's miles JDK 6 update 16, and the filename I downloaded for 64bit was jdk-6u16-linux-x64.binOnce the document has completed downloading, for your terminal window navigate on your Downloads

examine the EULA and accept it. as soon as it finishes the deploy, we want to set our Java domestic to the jre directory inside the JDK we simply installed. To do this run:(update this listing with the valid directory you just installed JDK to)

once that completes, we will move into the directory where the PS3 Media Server code is downloaded and assemble it with ant

from in the ps3mediaserver directory. If all goes nicely, you ought to haven't any trouble running HD movies across your blazing speedy gigabit community connection 5. Optionally, make PS3 Media Server start whenever I log must be ran from the directory it is in... if you run it by means of typing /home/username/ps3ms/, you may get errors when gambling your documents, and if you click at the readme tab or FAQ tab, they may be blank. that is as it uses relative paths in it's code. The best correct way to run is to first cd into the listing, then run ./ is because of this, that while you try to run from your Startup programs, you get the above issues. To get around this, I create a script record in an effort to first cd into the listing, and then run a record to your ps3 media server directory referred to as, with a text editor add the subsequent to it:

subsequent, click machine > preferences > Startup ApplicationsClick PS3 Media ServerCommand: /route/to/start-pms.shClick on close. Now the subsequent time you log in, you have to see PS3 Media Server start no problemo. I test "start minimized" under trendy configuration in order that I don't get the main window every time I log in.

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